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Play Game Online at and enjoy lot. Slia therio Online Is one of the most addicting mass Multiplayer game that is similar to

Play Game Online at and enjoy lot. Slia therio Online Is one of the most addicting mass Multiplayer game that is similar to Slither is basically A mixture of Snake, TRON and with Many Additional Features.  Type your Snake name and enter in this game and start growing. Millions of player always their for entertainment. you just need to Avoid touching with any other Snake body and eat maximum dots to grow greater. If any other Snake touch you accidentally it will smash and you have a great chance to become biggest one by eating all dots of dead snake. Move your snake with mouse and press click to boost your speed. This  is also available for school kids at over Slitherio Private Server.You will surprise to play slitherio game because it is lethal combination of ideas from Agario and other snake games. is a the only website which is totally dedicated to this game.

What is Slitherio? In this game you need to play as a snake on a huge board which is full of luminous elements.  You need to eat these luminous dots quickly because there are many other snakes on the board, if you miss the dot someone else eat these dots and become larger than you. Size of your snake depends on the number of dots you eat. If you want to win this game you need to eat maximum amount of dots to become the strongest snake on the board and survive until the time runs out. You need a lot of strategies and patience to win the game. It is competitive and unforgiving.

Slitherio Unblocked unlocked is really a boredom killer game during school time. If you are in school or college or anywhere where you are not allowed to play directly this game on the official server, than don’t worry we provide you an opportunity to play Slitherio without any restriction at  . Just Bookmark this site and start enjoying the game without any limitation.Play at Unblocked Games 66 Private Server

Game Mechanics of Slitherio So, how do you play the game at private server? Game play is very much simple!. You will not find any trouble or problem while playing this game if you are already in touch with Agario. If you are unaware from Agario, than don’t worry we provide you a guideline through a small tutorial. 1st of all you need to go to  Now you just need to enter your name and wait to load the game on the server for you. Once it loaded, you will see a little snake crawling around the screen. You use keyboard keys to control the snake. The left and right keys do exactly what you think they should. Move your snake according to conditions you see on screen and remember if it collides with other snakes it will die so prevent your snake from accident for maximum size. The rules make this game more intense and specific, you are the only one in the arena who can protect your snake.

Tips and Tricks

If you are playing this game first time and you are afraid than don’t worry I have also a lot of question in my mind when i played this game first time. I will share some helpful and convenient tips and tricks to play Slitherio.

  • The first tip is to increase your size as soon as possible. There are bright luminous dots scattered all around the board (map) and you only need to eat those dots because it is the only way to become largest in the arena.
  • Try to ploy other players by making a cover around them. Becareful do not stick snake head to their body.
  • If any other snakes trying to move in same direction as you, you just try to speed up by double clicking the left mouse button and if you are a big snake than you need to change your direction because bigger snake are not quick, they are slower than smaller snakes because of their size.
  • Big snakes have much more worth in the game and when they die, they leave a huge amount of dots the other snakes. In such condition you just wait and let other snakes to fight it out. In such struggle their snakes will also die and will leave many more Dots on a map for player. Then you step forward and eat all residues.
  • The best Trick to become large at once is that just move with any big snake and reach his head. Note that where he is trying to move inattention, just boost your speed with click and come in front of his head. An accident happen and all residues dots are your. Eat them and become a biggest one. Have fun.

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